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Africa Sticks, our latest initiative through the Ouallo Kouya Foundation, has the mission of empowering Africa’s youth through lacrosse.  Under that mission we have 3 goals.  

  • Grow the sport of lacrosse by 

    • providing new and used lacrosse equipment to Africa's youth, 

    • providing skill development through expert coaching 

    • work with the official organizations to help them organize leagues 

  • Use lacrosse to develop educational opportunities for players

  • Assist emerging countries to become members of the African Association of Lacrosse/World Lacrosse

The mission of the Ouallo Kouya Foundation 501(c)(3) is to provide educational opportunities for the youth of the Ivory Coast.  It is a comprehensive approach to provide for the children’s foundational needs, so that they can have an environment where they can learn.  We are working towards building schools that have a well to provide fresh water, a cafeteria so they can have more than one meal a day, bathrooms, library, small medical center, playground/field for activities and as lacrosse enthusiasts ourselves, we have chosen lacrosse as the sport to inspire and unite the communities.

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