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Peace Lacrosse the World Campaign

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We are pleased to be working with Peace Lacrosse the World Campaign

The idea of starting up Peace lacrosse the world Campaign started up in 2019 by Ijawet Christine "Tina Lax" Mukaga John Brian, and Watumbe Clinton , but the operation started in 2020.  During the COVID 19 pandemic they began organizing the U19 team to play wall ball.   It resulted into having a wall ball routine every year.  This grew into 24 players on four teams called Zee, Parrot, Pan, Cezar.  All this is supported by David James Libby "Dave Libby".

VISION:​ To develop giving communities and economies through the development of lacrosse

MISSION: ​To create working models of 25-100 member PLWC teams, representing a lacrosse community, that can administer human and financial resources, and build a local and global economy, through developing the local, national and global interactions of competition, support and organization.

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